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Little sin wigglers...ouch! I love your imagery
What a great analogy. Water is used so much in the Bible illustrate this same point (the well .vs the spring) and you did an excellent job of putting it into modern terminology. Like my grandma used to say - "if you aint growin', you're dyin'". Anyway, I think this is wonderfully constructed and a very accurate essay. Nic job!
Sepsis of sin, very visually laid out in a well written warning!
This was definitely a fresh take on the topic! You made mosquito larvae enjoyable now that takes talent! This is at the top of my list!
Yes, wonderful imagery, fantastic analogy. Something I could feel with my senses. Loved. it.
Very descriptive imagery that builds a relentless momentum of challenge; though it triggers for me a query about how God's grace counter-attacks these wigglers with even greater momentum.
Congratulations on your well-deserved win.
great article, awesome imagery, congratulations on your win!
Thank God there is a cure for this outbreak. Loved it! :)