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Your descriptions are excellent and what an unusual story to chose. Really, really great!
Lovely Biblical account interesting and so well written. Would have been great if God had have stayed her father's hand as with Abraham when sacrificing Isaac.
We did just have a sermon on Jephthah. I never realized he was in the faith chapter, did you? Our minister said that this man was full of faith but didn't have the right theology. So sad that he followed the ways of the world instead of what God intended. Very good story and I love your title.
Very compelling story. Well done and thought-provoking.
This was a thrilling read. I expected her to be saved somehow. I don't remember that verse, but I do intend to go read it now.
It is only be telling and retelling and challenging our beliefs will the truth ever be truly understood. You've written a truly compelling story, one that causes one to meditate on the mysteries found in scripture. Your story helps bring us just a bit closer to finding that key.
Your Mc has such a marvelous voice. Loved this. So well written. Good--good job.
Superb story-telling. You did a remarkable job of helping us to see this through the daughter's eyes. In places there was also a feel of poetic prose. Well done.
You have opened a window on one of the most puzzling and tragic stories in the scripture, without trying to explain it or explain it away. Great character strength and realistic insights.
Congratulations! This was powerful!
Congratulations on your placing Virgil!
Couldn't seem to keep this story out of my mind. It got me to thinking that Jephthah knew such a sacrifice was against God's laws, but he went ahead and did it anyway. God does that, allows us (free will)to make bad choices...:the Israelites demanding their own King, Judas betraying Christ. The moral of the story does not come about until it is played out totally and one can see the tragedy of such choices. At least that's my take on it for the moment. And now, I'll let it rest. Congratulations on your placement with this fine writing!