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LOL loved this story and the humor in it. Great job. God bless you.
Oh, I loved every word of this story. Held my attention all the way to the surprising (and awesome) end!
Great ending! Loved this story, because I have said those remarks before.

I got a reality check one day when I heard my 5 year old yell, "Ok people the light's not going to get any greener" I realised just how much they listen, even if they look like they're in dreamland.
Very good. A reminder that someone is always watching - and that we have a log in our eye and often misjudge those around us as well!
Too precious! This would make a GREAT public service announcement on TV.
So real! This is something that so many of us can relate to. Reminds me of Christ's admonition that unless we become as a little child...Very thought provoking.
Hope, what can I say? Congratulations on another great win - 1st place in the Level 3 Champion Challenge, and 3rd place in the Editors' Choice. You are an excellent writer and your regular wins really just reflect that truth. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)
Just great. I'm still smiling.
WOW! No wonder you took first in your category. This is an absolutely terrific story.
I absolutely loved this story. It brought tears to my eyes because of its truth. We think we are mindreaders and judges in this life, and I only know One who trully is. Thankfully, He gave us children to remind us of unconditional love.
God bless.
truly blessed are the peace makers....reminds me of the verse..."unless you repent and be like a child...."
Thank you