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Very, very funny! I remember reading a women's magazine flashback to the seventies, and the advice was exactly as you described. But I think the article also suggested the kids should be clean and quiet as well.

I love how you showed the progression of attitude and it makes me wonder. As women forging ahead with independence and assertiveness, are we now ahead? Or have we been traveling in circles? Strangely, the advice in the first example is the one which ties most closely to scripture (Prov 31 Woman), if it's done with an attitude of love for God.

Oh..I like this--a creative and fun entry for this topic.
Thanks for picking ny birthday (wrong year!) to begin your entry; for that got my attention!
I like how you have mixed humor in with the sobering reality of changing views over changing times. Very well crafted work.
Interesting read, but I wondered how Heartbroken could be married for 20 years with children young enough to have 18 year-old baby-sitter. Or, was this germane to the story?
Interesting read and creative approach on this topic! Advices from the media can certainly be dangerous, so it is best we leave it to the professionals! LoL.
Great job showing the progression of the times. I think anyone could go insane doing an advice column for that many years, haha.
This was lots of fun to read. I loved the part about the sharp knife. *chuckles* You had a great message in here, too. Times are always changing. Isn't it great that God's Word doesn't? ;)
The shifting sands of time caught up with Gabby. A nice take on the topic.
Shann, this is great!!! Loved the inuendo of the sharp knife. So true of the progression, tho sad to say, it is still preached in some churches today

There's not much I can add to this that others haven't already said...but I did want to let you know it was a fun, entertaining read. I like how unique it is. Great job.
Shann...I see why you won a HC on this, so creative and dead on. Love how you showed the changing advice for changing times. Great lesson in this about listening AND taking advice. Always best to seek God's answers. :)
Congrats on your HC and #15 overall. Great work!
Wow! Times sure have changed. :) What fun this was to read! Congratulations on your Highly Commended, Shann!!
Congratulations on your well-deserved placing(s) on this fabulous piece!
Hi Shann! Congrats on your placing! I loved your piece as well. Very insightful. I'll share it with a few friends as well. And thanks for congratulating me :) I'm actually quite stunned.