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The media is a good way to spread the message that the church is here for the community. Nice story.
Nicely done. I like all the ideas in it!
Great ideas. I found it a little confusing who was saying what, but otherwise a fun read.
So many ways to describe how the Church needs to get the word out...Sowing the seed also comes to mind and would also work with the alliterative aspect of your title...just musing. You certainly point out the need
for every Christian to have input within the local church as to how to scatter AND sow the seed. I agree it probably would help to give your speakers a name, or some other identifier; i.e. Jane, the choir director, etc.
Really fun idea. I also had trouble picturing the scene because of the rapid flow of ideas, but it was an excellent way to show what should be happening in all churches.
Those were all really good ideas on how to use the media to spread the Gospel. A church that did all of those would definitely start to grow, as long as all the members cooperated. Good story.
I agree with this statement absolutely—We don't need to change our message, but we have to keep our methods up to date! We certainly must keep up with the use of media to reach people for the Lord. Well written and a good read.
I often wonder about scattering the Seed. Thought provoking work Noel. I felt the pulse of a shepherd's love in your story as well.
The Holy Spirit used a book to draw me to the Truth. I guess some people may not be inclined to search for Treasure within books so there has to be other forms of outreach. Yes very thought provoking.