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Funny and true to a point but this wouldn't apply to the 'hip' teachers or the new ones:)

Cute entry.
ROFL.... If we only had Cell phones in my day, it could have been worse. ;-)

Well done funny story.
LOL! I can see this playing out in a school setting. What a riot! I totally enjoyed your story and I even learned some new lingo. :) Fun, Fun!
I enjoyed this. It made me smile.
Great humor. We never had a day like that, but it sounds like it would have been fun. Super creative and use of topic. Great job.
Hmm, maybe we should try that out some day switching roles with others so we can understand each other better. Nicely written—I enjoyed the read completely!
Seriously funny. I am SO glad you included the answers for old fossils like me!
Saying "hello" on a telephone is challenge enough for me. Deciphering text messages -- impossible.
I learned a lot of new words today! I kept scrolling up and down, translating the acronyms. Great fun! Well done on this topic.
What a great idea for an article! I enjoyed this one a lot, especially the ending. Good job!
This is one teacher who really enjoyed your turnaround day. Very well done!
Not only creatively done, but informative AND entertaining! What more could we want?
I'm learning so much from this week's articles. This is imaginative and well-written and easy to imagine the whole scenario as it unfolded. Great job!
You had to have as much fun writing this as I had reading it. Great idea and well incorporated into your story.
Indeed, it's a whole new lingo out there,and I certainly would have flunked the test!
You sneaky girl! I "got" it and am VERY honored!

You did an outstanding job on this, Shann! I Hope it places!
I'm very surprised this didn't place. It's the best you've written in a while. Good flow, humour, clever reversal, up-beat tone. That's just the way it goes...
I LOVED this article! I have two teenage children and I can heavily relate to how the teachers felt that day.

So funny! Great job.
Unbelievably GREAT...I really can't believe you didn't place with this and would love to know why not! This is absolutely ingenious not to mention hysterical. Great, Great job Shann.
Haha, this is hilarious.