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I had to smile at your opening line. :) You have a lot of information here along with hope and advice for the timid all packed into a fun-to-read entry. Nice work!
Lots of gray area, but lots of great writing. I enjoyed this. Very creative idea that ministered. Thanks.
You make some great points. Though it's probably safe to sayImnot timid I too enjoyed texting and wassurprised by that fact when we first got it. But it's a great way to keep in touch with my teens and to make sure they're okay. Great story with a nice message.
As an introvert myself, I appreciated your article. I find it wearying to communicate face-to-face or on the phone, so e-mail has often been a blessing to me. Thanks for a great article.
Thanks for providing a positive look on texting. Loved it!
Thank you for a very positive side for "communicating" electronically. We introverts do have a lot to say just not face-to-face! God bless your writing.
I love the warm, gentle, honest flow of this entry. it thoroughly deserves top placing. Very well done.