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This is a touching story about a touchy topic. I applaud your courage for writing it. I was engrossed I'm it the whole way.
Well written. Thought provoking without being preachy. That's the great thing about Jesus. Even when we abandon Him, He's there for us. Great story.
I love this story! You told it so well, with just the right amount of self-revelation. And yes, without being preachy, you presented the loving Christ who, in His grace, draws us continually toward His holiness. Well done!
This was excellent - a story of redemption, twice over. I really appreciated this - thank you for writing it.
Well written and with a wonderful message. He truly is a Friend who waits and who speaks to the inner person. Glad the MC listened!
You told this story remarkably well--nice flow--good background of the MC and just enough time for her to reflect on her decision while waiting in that sterile room. Your title fit the ending perfectly which leaves the reader with a sense of peace.
I'm so glad that she didn't go through with it. I wish more women in this situation would take a second to think about the baby. If they don't want it, I know many women, who for whatever reason can't have their own children, who are waiting to adopt.
Congratulations for placing 13th in your level!