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You had my attention all the way! As someone who deals with chronic pain and family activities, you were right on target with thoughts and feelings of the MC. I especially liked the happier outcome from what I expected. Well written, great job!
Pain in the inner person - how well you illustrated that! Glad your MC had an uplook and hope at the ending.
Oh, ok - I was really getting confused until the end when it was revealed that all the previous happenings were part of delirium, not real life.

The image of her vomiting was awfully graphic...but my boys would probably love reading that description. I, however, shuddered.

Nice story with a good message - keep writing!
Had I read this before I knew who wrote it, I would have known who wrote it.

Wow, what a story, that you must endure time after time after time.
I guessed when she woke up alone on the boat that she wasn't in "reality". You really had my attention, and I love the happy ending!
Feeling alone in a crowd and feeling oneself to be a burden to others are two things that always make a person's life miserable. You have captured the emotions of such a feeling in the inner person of the MC in your story very well. May we as believers in the Lord learn to care for our loved ones, especially those who are sick, to love and care for them, and to show them they are not alone.
Wow. Wonderfully presented.
Wow, nice job! I was really drawn to the part where she's in the boat alone. Like others, I was expecting a tragedy, but you surprised us! Way to go!

One question, though. Is the MC's name supposed to be Teeghan or Keeghan? It changed toward the bottom, so at first I thought Keeghan was a separate person, like one of the children.
I was glad that the boat disaster was the result of a delirium as otherwise I would have complained that it didn't flow well and left the reader with too many unanswered questions. But being sickness induced, the tone seems quite fitting with the benefit of hindsight
As I read this I couldn't help but think of the analogy of the pain we must sometimes suffer to receive the revelation of how blessed we really are. And, in that search, if we do indeed "survive" discover, too who and what we really are as well.
You did a masterful job writing this. Great ending, too. I also noticed the name spelling change at the end--must have been a typo.
I'm glad that she really didn't have a boating accident. The MC's name change at the end threw me off for a moment. Nicely done.
Spooking, how similar in many areas our submissions were this week. I enjoyed yours and relate to the emotions expressed. The title and ending are fitting.
The MC seemed to feel very alone. I liked that reality proved how much she was loved. I really liked your story.
Wow, what a story. You continue to be in my prayers, Shann. God will always love you!
Thanks for sharing the links, Shann. Such deeply personal writing - even in your choice of names for the children. What I loved was that your MC realised her great worth and significance to her family. And I might add, to her friends :-)
A very interesting story that accurately describes what it's like to live with chronic pain.
I, too noticed the name change towards the end--also in the beginning Teegan's name seemed to be overused--so maybe use pronouns (she, her) sometimes when referring to the MC.
Other than that tiny red ink, your story intrigued me and made me curious--then your ending cleared up the questions in my mind.
Talk about 'GRIPPING'....I was in complete suspense. I couldn't understand how her family could abandon her like that. I was so upset! What a horrific nightmare and then to wake up in the hospital and unable to speak. had me in that bed, actually feeling as though I was Keeghan, or was that Teeghan :) :) :). Truly though, I lived this story as I read it and felt the overpowering love from the kids too. What a great "feel good" ending with your MC working past feeling like a nuisance and starting fresh with determination from that love. I would love to see this continue. Your life will definitely be a best seller, so what are you waiting for?
So moving. I really think you should write a bood about your life. The nightmare had me crying!