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This happened to me as a youngster, too. My story wasn't quite as dramatic as your's was, but it seemed like I was flailing in the water forever before I was rescued. I remember that panicky feeling and then the sheer relief when adult arms lifted me out of the water. Good writing - you made the reader feel as thought they, themselves, were helpless in the water.
Ooh, This was scary, and very realistic. You told the story so well. You defintely nailed the topic! Blessings, Ruth
This was very enveloping, not sure if it actually happened to you or not, but your descriptions were spot on. My brother almost drowned when he was little and my Mom has been afraid of water ever since then. I wonder if this is an actual event if you still swim?
It's funny how those early traumatic memories stay with us for so long, being able to remember even the smallest details. I was mesmerized by your story and vivid descriptions.
An indelible memory, no doubt. It emphasis why children should be water-proofed, taught to swim,at an early age. It is something all parents with young children should do, and they can be taught to swim even before they learn to walk.
I enjoyed this because of the detailed explanation you gave of a drowning boy. What a vivid experience, and very well written!