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Truly excellent! Absolutely love your analogies and strong yet gentle inspiration to pursue the righteous discernment of God, that IS within us all. Your message to overcome peeling off our continued sin and then running to bathe in God's presence of refreshment is powerful.
This is a wonderful story with a great message. Small editing note Jesus sits not sets. I liked how the scripture you chose goes with your message.
Ahh yes, sits thank you! Sometimes I get caught up and stuff like that slips through the cracks! Thanks for commenting!! :)
Great examples, excellent message. Bless you, Ruth
Had to laugh at this one! At first I was concerned for the husband with his, "NOOOOOO!" I was on the edge of my seat and then . . . the fact that it turned out to be a skunk was hilarious! Great job with the spiritual comparison too.
Yes, Amanda I too felt sorry for my husband but I was also buckled over cracking up as well. The smell was truly horrible. I was glad when the house was finally aired out. :) Thanks for taking the time to read my entry. I am glad it made you laugh and think! :)