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I had a feeling Andy's equipment was a camera. You did a great job describing the beauty of a buck in the early morning sun. You subtly wove the topic into your vivid descriptions.
Ooooooh! I'm so glad it was a camera and a photo shoot. You did a great job of storytelling, and holding back on the MC's real intentions. Now, I'd like to see those photos :)
I loved this captivating and descriptive story. I would recommend switching the first two paragraphs, since the second paragraph leads directly into the tension, the scene, and the boy's mindframe.

But that would only be a slight adjustment on an already well-crafted piece.

Loved the suspense, the scenery, and the twist.

The sentence "Goliath shouldnt smell him till after Andy got his long coveted shot" kind of clued me in to the fact that he wasn't after him with a gun (since he wouldn't be smelling anything if he was dead). Great story, great descriptions, and I'm glad there was no death at the end of it. :)
I absolutely loved the ending. Yay, I was hoping for a happy ending for everyone. My daughter is a photographer and I can't wait to share this story with her. In every way, this one is a winner in my book. I liked the intrigue and drama but, oh, how I loved the happy ending.
I was hoping he wouldn't shoot but so glad he did! You fooled me!!! Congratulations on your EC:)
Wow, such beautiful descriptions. You had me for a moment. I wondered how Andy was going to 'shoot' that buck after the regal descriptions, but then you surprised me. Loved it and congratulations.