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This is really not about dead fish, but a poignant love story. I learned quite a bit while reading this, about pond turnover and true love. The last line showed a great sense of humour as well.
Carol, I remember the day this happened to you and how your dh worked so hard to get rid of the smell. It was a lesson to me of responsibility, of faithfulness, of servanthood and yes, of love. It was hard on him but your love for him increased exponentially as each hour passed and each bag of dead fish was carried away. A dear, sweet story, my friend.
Every marriage has an aroma, and yours reflects a special blend of discarding the bad and retaining the good. A unique, pleasing fragrance exudes from your writing.
You are such a little stinka! But, must admit, so loved your offer of fish for dinner. :)

I have never heard of Pond Turnover and now that I know about it, never, ever wish to experience it. You had MY heart touched for your husband, and bleeding for him being out there in that heat with that horrendous odor. I even felt sorry for the dead fish.

I love the phrase:“The secret of achievement is not to let what you're doing get to you before you get to it.” This will definitely be added to my motivational skills in encouraging others.
This is so good. You hook your reader with a bit of intrigue at the beginning; you school your readers to learning something we've never heard of before; you fill your whole net with an endearing love story; and you conclude with the perfect line. I love it!
I was struck by the marriage romance painted here in plain language--not smelly at all, but perfumed with love in action.
Oh my, I so dislike hot, humid weather. And smelly dead things, like rotting fish. For that reason, I was very glad to reach the refreshing and light-hearted end to your wonderful story. What a guy your husband is! And it sounds like you really deserve each other. Great story of a great marriage with two giving and loving people.
Great thoughts wrapped up in the actions of a great man. Well done. Good use of this week's topic.
Good story Carol. I remember reading about it on the porch.
You really do have a peach of a hubby. You two are a great match. Love, Ruth
I didn't look at the topic before I started reading. :) I live by one of those ponds, too. A little different but I can relate the "rotten egg" smell. We get it in the fall.
I could really picture this. I enjoyed the way you wrote it and it is a lovely tribute to your hubby.