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This is a great story from beginning to end. Who would have dreamt that such conflict could be found in a pie contest? But you did an excellent job of showing the conflict among the members as well as the inner conflict of the MC. Great writing made this a wonderful read.
Yes, this was a great idea for a "taste" entry, and you made it interesting with the internal battle and all the pie tasting information.

You did end up doing a lot of telling instead of showing, however. One good way to draw the reader in is put your MC right into the middle of the action, and then use the action to explain what is going on. For example, you could have put your MC right in the middle of the pie judging contest, and had her make the difficult decision with everyone watching.

Of course, that's just a suggestion. I enjoyed reading your piece very much, and thought it was very relevant to the topic. :)
Hehehe That's a lot of conflict over a pie.

I kept thinking there would be more to it... like a poisonous pie won because it was "perfect" in every other way.

A good illustration, though. :)
This story made me laugh. Who would have thunk it? Seriously folks, it was just pie. :)
Whoops...forgot to add that I liked how the mc allowed God to change her heart. That was the real victory.
I enjoyed your story all the way through, and what a great lesson you showed. (I'd vote majority of points for "taste," too.)
You made me long for our small county fair. Personally, I agree with the criterion that taste be the most important when judging a pie. :) I think this is wonderfully woven, the story AND lesson. I totally enjoyed this!
I think I know those people. You really brought to life the petty battles we women can sometimes wage over nothing. And I love that the mc let the Holy Spirit win the day.
I just wanted to congratulate you for coming in the top 15 in this level! :D
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level.