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My favorite line: "On what I've but tasted I'll finally feast...." Your poem illustrates well that we can barely imagine what is waiting in those mansions Jesus has gone to prepare for us.
Some day, indeed.

Loved it.
I love your recurring theme, "Some Day." You've infused this with Scripture, and your last stanza is beautiful, I love the "weeping may endure for the night/joy comes in the morning" allusion. Love this!!
This beautiful poem gives me hope. I've tasted this world and I'm nervous about the next to come, but I do believe it will have a taste none can imagine.
Carol...this is just downright beautiful and such an inspiration of encouragement to all of us who suffer so!
I love all the "sure hope" in your lovely poem.
I really like this.

I wished it were longer! Definitely something you could expand on.

Great job!
Beautifully written poem with a promise of hope. I like the five-line format. You did a good job with your rhthym and rhyme as well.
Lovely devotional verses that are full of hope and of the blessings to come. Thanks! Colin
This is beautiful! I just wish someone would put music to it. It could almost be a hymn. Thank you!
Great writing! This should make every devotional book in the world! Thank you!