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This so reminded me of my childhood. I smiled at the MC's stubborness. My mom wasn't as patient as the mom in this story. I did notice a little typo Suite instead Suit. But that didn't distract from the charming tale of learning a lesson the hard way.
This is a fun read. I see a spiritual application, too. How many souls are afraid to experience the Good News for themselves...only later to realize "you mean, this is what I've been missing?" Good writing!
Very warm, touching, and amusing story.

Loved it.
My favorite line, "No, I was a lot luckier to have my mum than she was to have me." Very entertaining story! This reminds me of a certain 11 yr old boy whom I gave birth to...
You were VERY fortunate. With a family of 7 kids, if one of us gave even the slightest indication we didn't like something, there were 6 others who might very quickly take it from our plate. Oh yes, and we were being raised during the post-depression era so some meals were more scare than others. This was a well written "from the inside out" piece.
You were most certainly blessed to her your Mum...she was a lot more patient than me. Thanks for a fun read.
Great explanation of how kids minds work. If some of the picky eaters today would read this, they might start trying more things. Thanks.