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ooohhh, this was intense! I was enjoying her moments in heaven until I heard the "mommy, mommy" then I didn't want her there quite yet. This is a very creative story!
This had my heart pounding. I've heard many stories of people being dead for a few minutes, but none quite like yours. It gave me a lot to think about.
Wow - what a picture you paint here. I loved the idea of all the different people praising God in their own languages and the deeper "holy's" resonating over the other voices.

You did very well creating the transition from heaven (peace) back to earth (stress & chaos). Excellent writing!
I think many of us struggle with the 'near-death experience'. Is it real? Imagined? I surely don't know. But, this story is so thought-provoking. Certainly on topic.
I love it.

Really, really good story. I loved it all the way through. Just a taste of heaven, and your descriptions are so inspiring.
A lovely glimpse into the sounds of heaven. Nicely done...
Lovely entry. Earth has a pull on us all - one day we'll fully know.
I love to read other's impressions of what heaven will be like. The child's voice tore at my heart strings. Well done!
Excellent story-telling, gripping, emotional. Well done.
This definately had an emotional impact. It reminds me of Paul saying that he would prefer to go to heaven but he is still needed on earth. I, for one, am glad that this mummy could come back for her daughter's need.
Torn between the prospect of a better place, yet sober—though reluctant—to remain for the sake of others. Such emotions came through in your story. Excellent work!
What a wonderful picture of heaven! And to be brought back for her child. Even Paul spoke of being ready for heaven, but of the greater need to be ministering on the earth. God Bless. Keep writing.
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level.