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Ah, this made me chuckle, because I can relate to it so well. Sometimes I write so much and then other times, I am loathe to even think of words in the formation of anything remotely resembling writing.

You picked a good POV for this and I especially like the narrative voice and the ending, it's honest and real. There's so much packed in here--and a lot of it is easy to relate to as a writer.

Motivation is indeed the one thing that can make or break a creative career, you captured that quite nicely in this piece!
Well-written, and chock-full of the realities that accompany the writing life. I liked your simple intro, and the abrupt conclusion at the end made me laugh with appreciation at your honesty. :) Great job.'s the word? Oh I got it, motivational. Loved the ending. Keep writing, really.
This is so true. You make a great argument, I do believe you helped me become motivated- for now.
Well it was enough to keep my interest! Enjoyable read and some good advice. Thanks - Colin
So well done, you could use this as a demonstration for your students on how to take an idea and present it logically, in an interesting manner.
Nicely done - well-presented, and the end is just right.
A well written piece that has caused me to want to...put down my pen and read some more. Seems I'm lacking something...not sure what. :o)
So right! Just long enough, said all it needed to say, and ended perfectly. I love it!
Or, as T.S. Eliot said,

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow

Good job!