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I enjoyed this very much. However, I felt there was too much detail in the opening paragraphs...slowing down the reader when the MC is in full action. Just a thought!
Very clever--combining the topic with the board game, Clue. I enjoyed this piece.
This was FUN to read- wish I were this creative!
This is outstanding. What a wonderful take on the board game. I'm not sure everyone will pick up on all of the clues, but that just makes it more delightful.
I love your creativity in this story! My brothers have enjoyed getting me to play Clue with them lately, so I was soon able to tell where you got some of your inspiration, and enjoyed it. :-)
Your Clue story showed great suspense. Excellent writing.
I loved it! The first thing I thought was, "Miss Scarlet in the library with the candlestick," and I was happy to know I picked up your "clue". I smiled all the way through.
AMAZING! I am still chuckling. Clue was one of my favorite games as a child. I was hoping that's what it was from the first reference to the murder. So great!
What a great take on the Clue board game. Thank you for a very entertaining story. Keep writing.