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Wow this is excellent. I could relate on so many levels. I was on the edge of my chair the whole read through. And if this is based on the truth, I do hope you've started to write that book. The world does need. This is just little- but I so enjoyed the indenting. Nobody online does that anymore and I found it quite refreshing.
Excellent. Really enjoyed it. Definitely could read more.
I really loved the message in this one! And your library setting was delightful.

In your opening sentence, you used "had been" twice. It kinda started the entry off a little slow.

It sounds like Charlotte's story is indeed one that needs to be told!
A fitting title for a well written, on topic, story. I enjoyed reading this.
You are so right, Sarah Elisabeth. Wonder why I didn't catch that!?! Thank you....
What a very enjoyable story. I enjoyed the details of the libary and the characters themselves. I wouldn't mind reading more about Charlotte and Janet. Keep Writing.
You described well so many things I love about the library. Your word from God rang true. I hope you write your book.
Interesting take on the topic and good execution. Making more sentence active would make the story tighter, more impacting to the eye. Good job.