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I liked this take on the topic. It made me smile. Those dear scorned lovers we toy with.

I loved the quote, it's beautiful. I loved the poem, it's beautiful. But I'm not sure if it was a must to include the two together. I think your poem speaks boldly on its own.

Nice job.
Wow wow and wow. You said so much in so few words. I can totally relate to the voice in this piece. I hope you'll be able to share it with everyone who needs to read it.
This is beautiful and sad. In a few short words you elicit deep emotions in the reader. These are words everyone should read, heed and take to heart.

Poignant, timely and a message for all.
I really like the creative way you expressed such vivid emotions here. I do agree that the quote is great, but your words were greater and can stand alone. Nice job!
Beautiful. The imagery is so vivid ... and so sad. Even though I love books, I don't want to be loved that way.
This hit me in a different way, not only romantic love, but how we treat all those that we are called to love. Family members, neighbors, etc. Do we take what we need, then put them on the shelf when we're done? REALLY like your entry!
I like how you made a complex subject simple with your beautifully written analogy.
Since this is on a Christian site, I came away wondering if that is not at times the way I treat my relationship with God. Our spiritual lives seem to go through stages - at least mine does.
Convicting. Ouch! Nicely put.
My first thoughts were how this is a picture of Hosea - so - yeah - conviction! Thanks for that! LOL
Really wonderful
What a simple, yet deep - or funny - poem! Loved it. I think the book will find new love at the library though :-)
Oops, sorry, I misread the first time. It was a little too deep for my drifting mind today! Glad I read it a second time - wow, what a parallel. Awesome job with how you tied into the topic. Excellent overall!
Wow. Lovely. Powerful. Convicting. I'm out of adjectives. Just wonderful.
I like how you tied your poem in with the quote at the beginning -- nice effect! This is a bitter-sweet ballad that really makes you stop and think. How sad that so many people let something as beautiful as love die when things get tough. May we, as Christians, choose to rise up and love in a Christ-like manner ... with an unconditional love.

Wonderfully flowing poetry as usual. ;)
I *really* did like this. Would never have thought to compare love to a book. Well done.
Very creative. I liked the layers of meaning in this poem. Well done.
Wow.. this is powerful. And beautifully done. Just... wow!