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I am still smiling as I write this! This made me laugh all the way through!

Very well told and you evoked all kinds of personal experiences related to yours. I'd say you did a great job touching "this" reader.
Thoroughly enjoyed this. Loved reading all the delightful things your kids said! And your wry insights as a mother were just as funny.
The beginning could have been a bit stronger, but the last paragraph was great in tying it all together.
Lovely job!
Same question, same answer. I too write from personal experience and what I've learned from life. Although fiction seems to sell well, I still say truth is stranger than fiction. Nice way of explaining your writings in this entry, and an enjoyable read to boot - Good job!
I like this very much. It is drawing on the real "characters" of life that I feel are always most interesting. You do a good job of storing the memories that count.
Out of the mouth of babes, right? Don't you just love it? And they don't even come with "indructions" (that's the way my grandson says it.) I know he's going to be a writer some day...making up his own words.
Moms never run out of writing material. I enjoyed your humor here (and I'm sure it's all true!) This was a creative entry for the topic!
Love those kids. And if you work in your church's nursery or young age areas, you have a writer's treasure chest to select from.
This was a delight to read. I enjoyed your interview format, too. And so neat that you "compiled" your three into one "Wrigley"!
A delightful read!

“I always knew she was a little wacky, now we have proof.“ Uh-oh, I'm in trouble!
Sharing life experiences and writing it down into a story is a biblical principle well followed (1 John 1:3-4). Even if we are writing Christian fiction, we certainly can write a plot that includes true to life examples, like our own experiences or those of other people we know. You’ve conveyed this message in your story very well.
This is hilarious! With all the rambunctious siblings I have, I can relate in part to your adventures - though the concussion your son had sounds nastier than most!
I think it's great how you have taken all of these life experiences and used them to create your characters.

I wish I could say that my characters are derived from my life experiences, but they are way too wacky to have come from my simple life. However, I can say that my goofy personality is a part of each one.

This story fit the topic very well. Thanks for sharing, Shann. :)
A series of really fun anecdotes. I too felt the beginning was awkward, but the rest worked great and was a fun read!
As usual,I loved it. I always love your writings. Was a little thrown off by first paragragh but definitely enjoyed the rest. Oh it brought such a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing.