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Extremely creative, all-encompassing! I was so sure your were writing to your wife (and it was beautiful to read). Your final sentence made me laugh (out loud). :) After your last paragraph I reread your entry with clarity. :) There were many "aha" moments then! (and some of your descriptions made me examine myself) It's the first time I've been called a "Klutz" publicly. :)
Very creative and interesting. I enjoyed it thoroughly
I found this cleverly entertaining and well put. Definitely describes all of us readers and writers!
Second person POV is hard to pull off effectively, but you've done it. Very creative how you turned the topic on its head, so to speak, making it not about the reader, but written to him. Beautiful language; a very serene, comfortable feeling, just like the feeling of curling up with a good book. Well done!
This is very creative and as has been said you successfully pulled off a second person POV. My own feeling about your story is that it doesn't flow smoothly, but rather tends to move forward in jerks and stops. The reader isn't really sure what's going on until right at the end. But it is clever. And it's nice to see you exploring a non-Biblical genre for a change!
Wow! This is so completely amazing and creative. But, most of true!

I loved it. Thank-you it's just what I needed to read at this time.

God Bless~