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I really like the feel and flow of this. Great job!
This is a brilliant story! Thank you for giving us all such a wonderful read. Keep on writing and God bless.
Wonderful example and great reminder of how Jesus did and continues to perform miracles. I often wonder if I would have had the same courage as Eliel, to speak so boldly to the Pharisees during those days. I completely enjoyed this.
Wow is the only word that fits. This is amazing. The story captured my attention from the very beginning and then I thought the story was over and you surprised me with the last part. I've never gone on to think past the healing, what it must have been like. Your writing is brilliant and takes my mind to new thoughts and ideas.
Congratulations on bringing so much feeling into one of the funniest episodes in the scripture. It's hard to believe people seriously asking about Eliel being born blind because of his sin (Can anyone sin before they are born???)
"I probably shouldn’t have asked if they wanted to become his disciples too." I loved that line, since it was the last thing the Pharisees would have wanted! Very well done, because you have also brought out the worship and the total freshness of Eliel in his discoveries. Should score well.
I enjoyed the details and depth you gave this Biblical story. I especially liked your writing where you describe the first moments of when he receives sight. Nice work!
A great job of bringing this story to life. Well done.
You've captured the emotions of this familiar Bible story very well. The ending is very effective... Eliel is denied entrance to the Temple, but finds and worships Jesus outside of it. I really enjoyed this!
Wow, love how you "opened my eyes" to Eliel's point of view and perspective.
Thank you - awesome work.
Excellent writing. Nothing forced at all...very natural flow.
Great job!
Well done.
Good job.
Well done Joan, and a well earned second place. I love the Biblical stories we get here from time to time. Keep up the great work.
Awesome! I love the descriptions of him seeing for the first time. You gave an unnamed Biblical character a real personality - I absolutely love this account of the blind man. Your EC is well deserved. Congratulations!
Yes well deserved, very nicely done.
Joan, Congratulations on your Editor's Choice award!
I love when Biblical fiction brings the amazing stories to life from a different perspective.

This line was one of my favorites: "Yesterday I thought I would never feel sorrow again." It rapidly set the tone for the second half, preparing for the final (and most amazing) wow!

This was excellent, congrats on your EC, Joan!!!
Love your personal perspective of this Biblical account. Great job and congratulations on your EC.
Beautifully done! I too especially loved the way you ended this piece, very creative.
Well deserved honor!