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This is wonderful, I still want more. Is it possible Nan was guilty after all? This was such a suspenseful series. I enjoyed it and looked forward each week to know more about Nan.
Style is smooth, and captivating. I wish I could write with so much fervor and poise. I'm not brave enough to put my novel out in bites. But now that I have been reading this,I have been unwittingly reeled in like a New
Orleans catfish.
Wow! I want more more more. Please I want more. It was so good. Thanks for sharing.
I'm snagged! This was great!!
WOW I hadn't given a moment to the thought that Nan might be guilty!! I think it is a red herring but I will admit to the fact that I had unwittingly categorised sin into bad and not so bad -which is not correct. Very interesting and it would seem even more thought provoking than a who-done-it.
Getting I walked along St, Charles Avenue past Lucky's Bar & Grill last week, I wondered if Nan would walk out...however I had lunch at Copeland's Bistro, but your stories were in my head:)
When I read the priest's message, "...when the world sets against you, He is on your side..." it gave me hope for Nan, despite her circumstances.

…and you enlightened me, I'd never heard of St. Zita.
Perhaps this mystery is never solved? It happens too often...but I loved this installment showing Nan's personal struggle and God's continuing grace
Your writing compels me to follow the story line. I love your characters and want to keep up with them.

I thought this started out really very good. I thought finally he is on the right track. But when I got to paragraph seven, it fell apart. I know you're trying to introduce a little more mystery or complexity to the character but...I didn't buy it.