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A very funny story with the hopes of a happy ending.
Between the hotel operator knowing where you were and that killer spider, you had me gripped in laughter. Very entertaining and left me wanting that perfect romance to follow.
A very well crafted tale. Wonderful humour (without a single atrocious pun!), insightful cultural observations, good application and commentary on fear, and a believable main character.
My only criticism and an ever so minor one would be that I felt the romantic conclusion was all a bit rushed. I think it would have been better either to omit the romance angle entirely or give it a better more space to develop. Others doubtless will disagree!
Loved your descriptions! I can identify with the line about the smells in the air-I have lived in cow country!

Kids will be kids, no matter what country they live in!
The take-away thought for me was "You weren't just weren't expecting it." It's good to remember that when we face our fears, that sometimes we were just caught off guard.
Fun story! There are definitely both advantages and disadvantages to living in a place where everyone knows everything about you. And I probably would have fainted if I'd seen that spider (rubber or not!:). Good job.
This is very well written. I enjoyed the phone call moment (how the operator knew where to find her). :) And I loved the linguistics of this, "Yet even more rapidly, adrenalin ambushed my efforts at analysis, to assume its own control." I had to smile at the "Sorry Katrina, but he's not widowed and he has no motor bike." :) Very nice work!!
Congratulations on the top 40!
Hey, we tied in the top 20! Congratulations on doing so well in your level.