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You did a great job reminding me how "preciously" exhausting a 6 year old can be! You also reminded me of tales my twin brother would tell me that were comparable to trees growing in our bellies so I could definitely relate to your daughter's fears as well. I mean big brothers know EVERYTHING. What I liked most about your story is the "realness" of it and kids do have a way of keeping it real:)

So much I like about this one:- the title (very catchy); the 6 year old's speech (leaving off the first part of words); the imaginative ways in which she thinks she's turning into a tree; her conclusion that her mom should have prayed earlier. Very fun to read. Well done!
Terrific! You helped me recapture my childhood. It was also a great way to start the day...laughing.
This really tickled my funny bone! Believable dialogue, colorful child characterization and so humorous. Loved this one.
This was cute. Super opening and the pace didn't let up. You came close to the TMI line a few times, but didn't cross. Great, enjoyale story and very well written. You've got talent! God bless.
Cute, and believable dialogue for a six year old
I liked all the everyday things that led her to believe she was turning into a cherry tree. Very good ideas!
Great characterisation and some wonderful child-like humour.
Unlike William, I didn't like your opening paragraph. Count how many times the word pit or spit occurs. But once I got past what was for me a distraction, the pace picked up and the humour kicked in.
LOL! ...a cleverly woven tale. I had to smile at the samwitch falling in the dirt before she ate it! :) Ah, the joy of being 6 years old! :)
I have to say it: You went out on a limb with this one. Parts of it made me think yuck instead of eek. Very creative.
Ha, I love this. I can picture the drawings that would go with the children's book!
This would be a perfect children's book. I loved this except I would have to agree with William, sometimes a little TMI... I don't usually get into the goo type stories though, so the fact that I liked this as much as I did is a compliment. I actually can't believe you didn't place with this. I thought it was extremely creative and clever. I couldn't help but wonder if there had been less TMI, if it would have placed, but maybe that wasn't the difference at all. I still think it was really funny, believable, and the MC was hysterically cute. Imagine, thinking one is turning into a cherry tree, but that is how a kid thinks sometimes, you know them so well. I loved the mom too, what a fun and understanding mom to have. Good job!