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When you commented that she learned her lesson, I started to feel angry. I think I even muttered clean out your own pockets! But then i realized that was what was going to happen and I'm glad it did. You did a great job in reeling me in and I liked how you fixed your wife by fixing yourself. A great message. (I did snigger, by the way)
Methinks your entries need a serious pun warning.
Charming self-deprecatory humour as we have come to expect. I did think, mind, that "male partners in non same-sex contracts" sent a false tone early on and should probably have been omitted.
And now to read something else that doesn't set out to torture the English language...
This was a great read. The first line especially had me smiling! Loved the honest look at yourself and the fun way you tackled this oh-so-familiar relationship issue.
This was a very witty piece that ended with a great point. I loved the line, "she put the heart before the course." Great play on words. I rather enjoyed the puns. They made me chuckle. Best of luck with this one.
Your wife must be a saint (on more than one level). : ) I had to smile at the "2.5" kids. As usual, your humor and voice are great. I so enjoyed all the asides, "solve/create/exacerbate (the reader may choose the most appropriate verb), and "test(osterone)imony," You've skillfully woven your message in. Super congrats on that "major achievement." :)
Great! I love the line "put the heart before the course!"
Your wording reminds me so much of my two teenage grandsons, raised in England...
Great job! In fact I think you were robbed, should have placed.
This is absolutely great in all respects. The writing, the humor, the lessons. Thoroughly entertaining and relatable. Kudo's, Great, Great, Job!
I loved this personal life story. I chuckled at the terms you used such as "test(osterone)imony." Very clever and funny!

I often find myself looking at others and seeing what they can do to improve rather than seeing how a situation can be turned around by my own actions. This was a very fun way of learning a very important lesson.

Thanks for sharing, Noel. Your writing is top notch!
Thanks for telling me about this entry, Noel!

Great story!

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