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That is a charming story.
Reminicent of some great old date movies.Good narrative voice.Well done.
I really enjoyed this. The title is great and you use some fantastic descriptive language (eg, I loved: 'anchor clanker hot shot pilots').
For me the only negative was that it took me till paragraph 5 to realise it was one of the boys speaking. Maybe this could have been established in para 2.
A great read!
A very nostalgic piece. You did a great job in bridging the gap between the two sides. It was a nice read.
A real-life story told in such a way to hold the reader spellbound. I could see "grampa" sitting near a hearth telling this to his boys.

I, too, was wondering who the narrator was until the later paragraph explained. A most enjoyable piece, with a lot of unique descriptions. Thanks!