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We never can tell what priceless treasures are really around us, huh? There's a good message here in an interesting story. Thanks for sharing!
Oh dear! I would have liked to know more about the vase, what it was and why it was so valuable. Great characters!
Oh my... oops indeed!

Good flow of conversation - very natural. Jamie and his bare feet reminded me of 'Smiley' (only older Aussie's would understand that reference).

That didn't go where I thought it was going. I was waiting for Aunty to die and then for Ginny to find something rare and valuable secreted in the bottom of the vase. Well done on fooling me :-)
Good story. What I was left thinking is that we should not store up our treasures on earth, but in Heaven.
Great story, I knew the vase was going to get broken in front of the aunt, but I thought for sure there would be something valuable hidden inside it somehow. I never dreamed it was the ugly vase that was expensive. Your ending surprised me. Nice job.
Oh wow! That was a big oops. I would have felt quite sick!!!
Great story. I too was thinking that the vase would break in front of the aunt, but that she would agree that it was a horrid old thing and had wanted to get rid of it.
Ha ha. Great story and terrific dialogue. Love the ending. Patty
Good read. I too expected something would be found in the vase, rather than it being the vase itself. Good twist.
No, I definitely didn't see that coming! I think Aunt Sarah should have warned her about its value, though, so she could put it away in a vault or something (at least until her son was grown!). Good story, well written!
Definitely an Oops! and a fun read. There is a lesson to be learned from this story. Good writing.
Interesting read. I was also thinking along the line that something valuable is in the vase. Surprise, surprise ... the value is the object, not what's in the object. (",) Nicely written story!
Very well written and you had me intrigued by the importance of the vase. The ending made the story well worth the read. A definite "oops" here! Good job.
Fun story--and you definitely kept us holding our breath, wondering what was going to happen, and when.

I don't know much about vases--but I wouldn't use the word "cheap" to describe something worth $40,000!

Loved your narrator's voice.
Was I the only one who thought the vase held someone's ashes?
I love china/pottery and I would have checked it out.
Great solid story.

Ha ha! I love the twist! Well done.
I particularly liked the mystery of the vase and then the twist. I was thinking it might have something valuable inside. Excellent story.
Tee hee, what an entertaining story. Well done!
I was one that thought about ashes....cute story.
Funny story! I didn't see the ending coming either. Good job!
Great story, you had me guessing the whole way through and never thinking it was the vase itself that was valuable.

Was the missing word "could"? Also, the word 'along' should be two words - 'a long' [probably just a typo, tho'].

I enjoyed the mystery of the vase. Thanks for writing.
Very enjoyable and fun to read. I wondered for a moment, but didn't know for sure, if the vase was going to be worth anything. Great ending. Dialogue and characters were right on. Good job!