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A couple of oopses there, eh? I was engrossed in both little tales.

As I read, i was sure the main point of the story was going to be about your dear mother - when you started talking about the gate issue, it was almost a "let-down." Your tone seemed to change almost too soon. My thoughts, anyway - take 'em or leave 'em.

Very good descriptions!
It started as a tear-jerker and ended on a light-hearted "OOps". I agree it was an unexpected change in tone, but a funny ending.
I enjoyed reading this. It made a serious situation humorous.
Very sorry about mom, but the ending was very funny. Good job!
Isn't it just like our Heavenly Father to put some humor into our lives right when we need it. Good story, Carol. Love,Ruth
You made me stop and think about when my mom and my grandma died. A good writer brings in the reader with memories from a different view. When Grandma died, I was heartbroken, but there were times when something funny was said or done. It helped ease our pain. Good job.
Two big oops with very different results. One in pain for a loved one.. one in painful embarrassment. Ouch.
The experiences you share were quite touching. I did wonder about the pharmacy oops...did anything else happen there? Otherwise, an interesting mixed emotions piece.
I understand looking at humor during painful times; went through it myself. Quite an interesting entry.
"Though tears come at the mid-night hour, joy comes in the morning,". . . or at the gate. Which ever come first. LOL

Nice job with this emotional ride. Kudos!
Nicely written, and the "gate" is a great oops tale! Well done!
Well written and superbly on topic.

The mood change threw me--I think it's because I wanted some closure with the medicine incident.

How wonderful that there can be humor within sadness!
What I love about this entry is that the family is all in it together. I could see this family loving and caring for mother. Singing. And I could see them in the garage with egg on faces. Just real life. Great entry.

Good story,
I also wanted closure on the medication error.
I like how the family "showed" love with their presence. Your ending made the story all-the-more real.
Nice entry. Your oops entry really got me thinking. The oops of the cough medicine was huge and the oops in the parking garage was so minimal in contrast. Makes me want to pause and remember what's really a problem and what are more inconveniences. Thanks for the reflection :)
It is something wrong here, it was definitely two different stories. If you wanted to include the gate story, at least give us a bit more tie in. An anaology or something. Keep writing.
I was thrown a bit with the medicine oops and wasn't expecting the other oops - in comparison they didn't seem to belong together.

However, on my second reading, I felt quite different. Mother was being looked after and the family were able to have a laugh together. "Laughter doeth good like a medicine." Nice work.