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Your entry is so beautiful and touching. You carried all the luggage of memories for the periods you both spent together and others that were truly hers. You captured all the lovely feelings you had for Aunt Bess in your article.
Beautiful! Full of tenderness and love. Great job!
Love it- what sweet memories. Your beautiful detail and carefully chosen words evoke fond memories of my loved ones and our "last" visits. (though not really ever our last with loved ones who believe:)
Now I am attached to your Aunt Bess also...I will be wondering if you were able to see her, lead her, what her decision was. Thank you for a well written story that was able to draw me into relationship with its characters. Great job!
This is an endearing story! So sweet - I can picture Bess in my mind.

I, also, knew a relative who lived to be 105. When I asked, "How did you do it?" she looked me straight in the eye and said, "Work, honey - lots of hard work."

Your tenderness and consideration of Bess' past is touching. Good job!
This is beautiful. But please ... tell us ... is it true? And if so, what happened???!