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There is so much feeling and passion in your narration. It's like an outburst from the heart. It is so well written. Happy that you found the bible and ended the article with prayer.
You've captured the familiar longings and familiar lies of our deceitful hearts. Fantastic work and great conclusion, "She knew the empty road she dreamed of was nothing but a dead end. It would lead to regret, not freedom." Perfect!
I love your article, but I am partial to the next to the last line also....I'm so glad she saw the deadend ahead of time. Good Job!
You've created a character that your readers can empathise with. I felt her pain and her inner struggle. This was beautifully written.
very nice- indeed, it is pertinent to question where we are going- always. The most blessed journeys don't require luggage, do they?
loved it!...especially how she knelt & prayed at the end...
You described this woman well. I felt it was me!! Glad she realized the "grass is never greener" and that the only answer to our longings is Jesus!
Excellent work!
Very nicely done. If you ever expand it, I'd like to see Abby's change of heart take a little bit more time--it seemed sudden to me, but I know it's hard, in so many words. Very moving.
Very honest (as honest as fiction can be. :-) - had a "real feel" to it.) There are a lot of different perspectives on the topic this week - yours was a creative entry. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Very well done in a way that touches the heart longings of many young mother. I enjoyed this!!
Excellent entry. A contender for top 8. Very storng.
I'm glad she realized it would be a road of regrets and that only Christ could give her the freedom she so desired...Great story!
I like the way you compare Abby's life to that of her single friends - I'm sure many young mothers can identify. Your title and that concept of preparing for a trip (but a dead end road) is great. Well done.
A very realistic take on the loss of identity and overwhelming exhaustion that comes with being a young mum. Encouraging reminder that grandparent's prayers are answered and God's word 'does not return to him void.' Yeggy