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I loved this! Very creative. My favorite line was this one: "One is for when He answered “yes”, one is for “no,” and one is for “wait.” But when they’re all woven together like this, they create a complete and beautiful picture. Never saw that down there—when you were alive—did you?"
As my pastor always says, "you can't take it with you but you can send it on ahead."
Great job!
Blessings, Lynda
Lovely glimpse of what is to come! Great!
Beautiful Picture.A great reminder that our luggages should be full when we get to heaven.Well done!
This was totally excellent. So beautifully done. Conggratulations!
I agree with Lynda about the best line. The whole story is wonderful!
Clever and uplifting! You gave me the "It's a Wonderful Life" feeling.
Very fun! I loved reading this. Thank you.
Extraordinary, wonderful, beautiful...loved every precious line. Thank you!
What a lovely take on the topic of 'luggage' - beautiful!
Awesome! I was hooked from the start, and compelled by each dialog exchange to stay focused - right to the end (which was really the beginning, right?!). Very nice angle for this topic!
This was great! Very creative and very beautiful. And truth woven into every line. Well done.
I love these dramas. Very strong entry. Thank you!
What an inspiring and encouraging drama! Thank you!
Very well written, Jan, and very creative. Had me captivated from beginning to end. Congratulations!
This is really beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes to think again of how beautiful Heaven must be and to think of how it will be to see all those that are waiting for us.
So creative. Loved this, Jan - so glad you pointed me this way!
This is wonderful, Jan! It's too easy to forget about the treasures in heaven when we're dealing with life 'down' here. I loved this! Thanks for bricking it!!! :-)
This was simply lovely. I know in my woe is me days I envision three huge dome type warehouses that I will be taken to---full of my tears through the years. You gave an even better glimpse of things to come. So well done!
How beautiful! This is to go in my "saved" file to read again and again. I cannot even imagine how, though unlovely we are, God loves us so much that He keeps our tears.