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Yes, I know a mare is female...sorry -
How did Monique get here? Did I miss a scene somewhere? Again, we're left hanging.......
Haven't kept up with this series, need to go back and read ones I've missed. I read this earlier and knew right away it was you.

Very sentimental and I liked the feeling. Thanks, Dub!
I love the way you write dialog, with three-dimensional characters. Well done!
I am very impressed by your gift for writing. What about the typos?? Still, great work!
As usual, continued interest in your story, and the cliff hanger endings..
I think I noted a bit of fatique or hurry, because of the few typo's, and the mare being called a him--not your normal style. Still, a great story all in all. God bless ya, littlelight
My mare lifted his head Yeah, I wondered about this... =)

Loved the story. The ending was a tear jerker.
They've got their luggage - are they going to settle? I still can't get over you killing Margaret off. At least her daughter has her belongings ... for what they were worth. Tried to figure out how they got there, but am not too worried ... I'm sure you've got it all figured out, you murderer ... I mean, writer.
good balance, good structure..... as always! :-)
The intrigue continues. Nicely done! Each chapter is an adventure should be great when it all comes together.
I can't wait to read the whole thing! :-)