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The description of the Moke's progress up the hill is great! That last line about scattering her ashes on the Caribbean...a little chilling, almost like a prophetic word!
The descriptions in paragraph eleven were very vivid and commendable. Well done.

The last line was a great finish albeit surprising.My mouthfell open.
An enjoyable read. Vivid descriptive sentences. I think I want to go there right now! :)
Had me sucked in for a while there! Not another travelogue! :-( then Oh, it's... Great flashback that fill in some more gaps.
Felt the draw to this little piece of lovely! Was taken off guard by the surprise comment at the end. Where did THAT come from?? :-)
Once again the saga with a twist. Good way to lead to the next chapter. Great work!
Another enjoying story :)
You've painted a beautiful picture of the island. Can understand why you want to resettle there. Good entry.
Ah-ha! This was the first article I picked to read for some reason--I just have to find out more! (LOL) This is all to suspenseful, and intriquing--little at a time. Very sneaky and clever!-but I knew from the on-set. Lovely again. God bless ya, littlelight