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Beautiful. I love the descriptions and also the lesson ... it is who we take with us on the journey that matters. Where we go is pretty much irrelevant. A very good reminder. Well done.
Very vivid imagery! Excellente'
Very original approach and an excellent use of descriptions to paint a vivid picture of the process. Well done!
Wonderful! I was there with you - nice imagery, creative angle on "sightseeing." Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Very nice trip you took me on. Good work!
A writing workshop is a great place to see internal "sights!" Enjoyed "taking the trip" with you. Good images. :-)
Lovely descriptions!
Really enjoyed reading this. Loved the descriptions! You have a way with words for sure!
Very interesting approach, nicely done!
Creative sightseeing! Beautifully written. No wonder we love writing; its a free vacation, and we take the Lord with us.
Very beautiful descriptions! I could smell and even taste the air with you! And loved the lesson - highs or lows in life are ALWAYS accompanied by Jesus. Thanks!
Wow! I love this. The way you worked the writing excersize in with the topic and wonderfully written glimpse into the MC's head--Splended!
This is a very strong entry! Very nice! Good use of words, description, lesson, everything. A contender.
I loved your use of language in this, so free-flowing and descriptive. Just a pleasure to read.
I like the free writing myself. It says so much about our inner self, and our imagery becomes somewhat of a reality. Thank you for sharing--I really enjoyed this peice. God bless ya, littlelight
Great Yeggy, really relaxing to read, and so true about the destination vs the company.
I understand, at last, that whatever choice I make is of little importance. Stay where I am? Climb up? Take the path down? It is who I take with me on the journey; that’s what matters.

Val, that was good! I loved the images you evoked throughout and the end was a stunning nugget of truth. You ministered to me tonight. Thank you!