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Frisky fellow, wasn't he?

As an old codger nearing those days, thanks for the shot of vigor.

Well done.
Gotta love your MC's spunk! And his faith and words of wisdome even more. A nice piece of writing here.
I like Mr. Larson! He's the coolest!
Very cute story, Josh. The line about crossing the line with the enema made me snarf...I thought, "amen." Great job!
This is charming. I love your MC!
I love your mc and his sense of humor. That part about switching teeth-a riot!
Nice touch, Josh! Very interesting read with mild humor and vivid characterization.
Loved your story, Josh! As always, a great laugh...I can't wait to meet the FUNNY, FUNNY man behind the story...only a few more weeks!!!!
Nice job! I wondered if this was your entry....the title is typical Josh style. :) 750 words is not enough to cram in all that we want to say, eh? I liked your conclusion, though - the last line is perfect.
What an outrageous character - at one level crude and sexist, on the other taking a forceful line on monogamy. An amazing contrast laced throughout with humour. Wow.