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Tense and moody. Favorite paragraph: "The gun-toting port thugs were standing outside our parked minivan in a sinister circle, perusing our passports and trying to decide what to do. Some of them started shouting for “the Australian” to get out of the vehicle, at which point I dropped whatever was left of my “brave leader” façade and burst into tears. Suddenly, I didn’t want to be a missionary anymore!"

ooo, scary! Very interesting story--well done.
Wonderfully well-told, action-packed story! Great work!
Yes, very honest and emotional. Frankly, I would have been scared witless. Great discriptions. God bless ya, littlelight
What a frightening encounter.
I would love to hear about the other half of the story! Why it was worth it all! Great job!
Very well written.
After reading this tale, who would want to be a missionary? Thankfully you concluded that it has its rewards! A well-written snapshot of a frightening ordeal. You built the tension well throughout the story. Loved it. Thank you!
My insides are still trembling! Great job at making us feel what you were writing!
This is a great scene. A lot of potential for drama. My only problem is that you "told" us the whole thing. I would have much preferred to read an account that had me living it. Use dialogue and action to let the piece grow on its own.
What an ordeal- I would have liked a bit more dialogue, descriptive words... maybe a bit slower in approach-
Exciting situation! I never watch movies that has the heroine opens the door where the danger lurks. Reminds me of this story. Guess I wouldn't make it as a missionary in a dangerous place!
Yes, what a fiasco! Honest, spell binding story. Was really there with you. Well done. (Agree with Maxx on how you could imporove it for the reader though.)
Wow! What an experience! There seems a little symbolism of our passage through life in this piece. Did you have to pass through the same port to leave? Very good!