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A nice take on the topic.
sweet, I quite enjoyed this and thought it was very creative!
I like this! Believable and truthful, the raw realities are exposed for all to see. Love the punch line: "This is what counts. This is what we are looking for…the state of your heart...and Mr Josiah…yours is not quite broken enough."
Tis true, what an awesome story, and very effective. Great! God bless ya, littlelight
So many miss the kingdom of heaven by just 18 inches - the distance from their head to their heart. Excellent, well-written piece!
Good characterizations. Well written.
A contender indeed! Loved every bite!
Definately top 8 in my opinion. I don't mind God making brownies, but do I have to spend eternity with purple stationary? ;-)
ha ha "the complaints department in the kingdon of God"- great phrase, nice message
Very enjoyable and good point!
Impressive and imaginative. Oh, that it was this easy to see what we were doing wrong!
Lovely attention to details that bring the piece alive: the narrator’s thoughts and feelings, his desk, Josiah's body language, the narrator's relationship with his Boss. Creative piece which worked to the last word.
Good writing here. I enjoyed your mix of dialogue, descriptions and thoughts.