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It is amazing how the roots of sin can so destroy a person unless they settle accounts with the Lord. Thank you for the great read and the reminder of the importance of a clean slate with the Lord and others.
What needless torture we put ourselves through when we fail to trust God with our secret pain. Thankfully, this ended on a happy note. This held my interest from start to finish--good job.
Very powerfully told. You had me hooked. Thank God that most mission agencies are more flexible in family arrangements now, though separation is still a reality for many missionary families, and there are still MK ccasualties. I hope your piece inspires people to pray for missionary family life as well as for their fruitfulness. God bless.
Oh - wow. Ummm.. You had me from the very beginning. I've heard about missionary children being separated from their parents to go to school - it has to be hard on everyone - but to throw in what you did - wow. Am wondering if it's a true story. I feel for this young woman. Very good story. Thank you for sharing. I loved your descriptions, too - of the animals the kids played with - what every American kid dreams of:)
Very vivid descriptions and this felt amazingly real. Great imagery and such a compelling read.
good strong descriptions throughout made this a story of interest. The background information was laid out well. the ending seemed to come quickly compared to the rest of the story but it still worked very well.
the snowball metaphors were really well used!