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Awesome! I love the simple but effective description. And the spiritual truth illustrated was so comforting, as I myself continue to circle forward! Blessings, Cheri
I am so encouraged by this piece! So often "I see the familiar landscape and think it means I am making no progress." What a comfort to remember that God is in the driver's seat, and our destination is more beautiful than we can imagine.
Dear writer, regarding..."I dont always understand Gods ways -- why He delivers me completely in some areas and leaves me to struggle with others"....
I don't think He leaves us to struggle with others, I think He leaves us to "overcome." Faith and works are like the motion of paddling in a single canoe. If we only paddle on one side we end up going round in a circle. He works something in us, then He stands back and watches us to see how we will work it back out to others. Thing is, we don't see this when we are solely concentrating on what it is we CAN'T do. Bit like the saying...."Say you can or say you can't, either way, you'll be right.
Enjoyed this application, having traveled through many extended and/or scary road trips myself....!!! It's good to remember that they all are leading somewhere, even when we feel we are lost. God knows where we are. :-)
The ending made me feel like the story of your mother in the beginning, in relationship to your experience in the spiritual. Nicely written. God bless ya, littlelight
What a great analogy. Inspiring and well written!
Well written. Good job!
A very good build up to the message of Hope in our Lord Who promises to never leave us. Good message - Good job!
GREAT JOB!! This reminded me how we learn more from the journey than the destination. It also reminded me that our lives are indeed God's journey- and we're just along for a joy ride. I LOVE how you "over-played" some family nuances with sort of elevated language- I bet your family is laughing! THANKS
I've driven those Bakersfield roads. Seemed very real to me. Good writing and analogy.
I enjoyed your writing. Knowing that God is in charge and will always find a solution allows us peace. He has left His peace with us, if we will only seek it.
Hi Debbie. Just popping in very quickly to let you know that "Circling Forward" was a semi-finalist in the Car Trip Challenge. So well done! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
One of my favourite verses. Great devotional piece in which the story and devotion is not forced. Can really identify with getting 'lost' in your home town.