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Super job. My knuckles were just as white as Mark's! Very tense mood, very good reminder that God knows and protects.
Amen. I agree. Very intense. I liked the super dooper ending!
God bless ya, littlelight
Wow! What an experience! Especially for Tom. He got to witness his dad naturally turn to the Lord and to see God in action! Well done! Loved the ending.
Awesome, awesome! I especially loved this line:

"Miles and minutes crept by, and still they saw no other cars on the road only those that had careened toward destruction."

Good job!
Great job. This is very believable, I've heard stories like it before. I don't know if this is fiction or non-fiction, but God is certainly there for us when we call on Him. I liked the details, "Old Blue," the snow on the wipers piling up, the family sleeping on bags of laundry in the back, the cars along the side of the road. Very nice!
Oh, my, I'm from the north and remember blizzard conditions on the highway very well! Your story it too real! Haha!
Been there! You reawakened old feelings of fear that try to creep up during those kind of situations. Very well written. Thank you for sharing.
Very moving - great job. I was really drawn in.
excellent. a favorite. keep it up!
Whew - your descriptions were excellent!
On the edge of the seat story of God's provision and protection. Loved the Red Sea reference at the end. Thoroughly engrossing story.