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What courage that pastor had, and what a great way to approach the topic. Yes, those of us in ministry can be guilty of duplicity above them all because we don't want to ruin our witness OR we're ashamed. That point certainly hit home with me. Well done.
Great ironic title, and a really good twist to the story. Very well done.
A unique way to bridge the subject - with a neat twist at the end. The writing itself could be tightened up a bit, but otherwise, nicely done.
I was DEFINITELY not expecting that twist! I was thrown a bit by POV shifts, but I'm really not sure how else you could have handled this. Very engaging entry, with great characterization all around.
Well done - I wasn't expecting the ending. This was very well written and the dialogue was good.
A remarkable and unexpected twist at the end! Great job! Loved it. Blessings, Cheri
I honestly did NOT see that ending coming! and I love it! I was almost crying with them. The story flowed well all the way through and had me in its grip. Super job!
You caught the "hurt" on both sides clearly and well. I'm so glad your MC was close to God and able to overcome his own hurt and pride to bring reconciliation to his family. Good job. :)
WONDERFUL story! Must admit it had me a little teary at the end...I was not expecting the big twist at all! Great job!
I was not expecting that twist! Great job in covering the topic and presenting a real situation that others can really relate to.
Oh my, I only hope every pastor would take such a drastic step to save their family but sadly, I don't think it happens. Wonderful writing!
So sad...but I'm sure it's common in many homes. Hooray for the pastor to be an example of making his family his priority. Well done.
This was really good. I loved everything about it, including the surprise ending. Well done!
I really enjoyed this story and was very happy with the twist at the end. Excellent writing.
Your ending snuck up on me but I love how it did. :) Very real, very good writing!
This was good. "One Happy Family." I wonder how many "happy families" there are out there. What a good lesson the pastor gave. I am sure things will change for this couple. Wish the story could have gone on, but WORD restrictions, I know!...Great story. I loved it. Glad I can't relate. Glad that my husband and I have always been able to discuss our feelings to each other, but I know so many who don't, and can't...Helen
Wow, the ending really surprised me. Nice writing, and very good job with the topic.
Wow! You drew me in and I couldn't wait to see how things were going to turn out. What a surprise ending. Any pastor who would do that is worth his salt. Well done!
WOW! This is great! So many can relate to the charade played at church. It is so important to be transparent. That's where true healing can begin in families and friendships alike.
Great job with conflict and resolution!! I love it when the ending surprises me!!! This is an engaging, purposeful story. What a wonderful, brave husband. Congrats on your placement!!!!