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Yes, that is one of the worst Charades of horrible and painful.
Gripping writing!
Very disturbing story. I am glad that you have been able to break free.
This was such a good entry. You had my full attention all the way through. Well done my faithwriter friend.
Wow! Gripping, engaging, eye-opening, and terrifying! I am so glad you have broken that generational curse in your life. Hugs, Cheri
The voice so fits the person who lived experienced this ordeal and survived. A gripping and horrifying tale.
How disconcerting to realize the affect Satan has on all levels of God's ministry. Thanks for the reminder to always be vigilant. :)
Great job! Left me wanting to know more (maybe not the graphic content but the child's perspective and how he/she was changed by Jesus' love vs. the facade of religion). Shocking, but well told. Much to think about here.
Wow...I think many of us are blind to Satan's workings around us. How frightening! I'm sorry for your memories, but I'm so happy for your release from their power.
"Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world."
This is awesome writing on a difficult subject.
I like the contrast of your title with your story. Knowing that these things happen is so sad. I think we've arrived at "the days of Noah".
What an extremely difficult piece to write, but you did it well. I'm so glad you met the Light of the World and can be healed because of Him.
Wow, if this is a true story, it was well-written and difficult indeed to share. I can't imagine the horror of living this life. What an awful thing, but praise the Lord for the One who saves all.
Wow (I think that's been said? But needs to be said again.) This was quite disturbing, but I am so glad you wrote it. I really like to see articles about some of the things we really do go through as Christians. I know the popular thing is to not think about such darkness, but it's out there and it should be brought to light. Well done!