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Your opening rhyme is great. Your poem to your "big Sis" is very poignant. I loved these lines, "One night you gave your heart to God. The next night, I did too." Great meter and rhyme and excellent writing all around in this! (I like Monopoly too. :) ) I hope you will be able to give these wonderful messages to your brothers and sisters.
I LOVE these lines:
"In life I've picked the friends I have, but God gave me my brother.
Had He left choosing up to me, I would have picked no other."
That brought tears to my eyes because I lost my little brother to Parkinsons disease a few years ago and I would have written that to him.
What a unique and lovely entry! It speaks volumes about the author, it's well-crafted,and reads smoothly as you were careful with your meter and rhyme. You are a master at word carpentry and I would love to see you place high with this one. Kudos!!

These gems definitely sparkled. Thanks for sharing.
This is simply beautiful! What a tribute to these wonderful people. It's packed with plenty of emotion and memories, I love it! ^_^
How endearing, I hope you share these with your family.

You worked hard on those rhymes and it shows, well done.
What a wonderful idea to write a poem for each of your sisters and your brother for the reunion. Loved the smooth flow and the images the words conjured up. Well done Helen :- )
What a great idea! Unique and creative. Well done - I hope you will give this to your siblings.
Once again I will say...I have no doubt that your siblings are very proud of you.