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I had to smile at your "working cow" description. :) Your writing is gripping. The depression your describe is so heart-breaking. You have some great phrases, "our crying tax dependent", "showing off their victories". I loved reading of the "balm of hope for me" that your mother relayed. Your writing of what a lot of women experience after childbirth is very good. I pray others may be helped by reading this.
Very good writing and on a subject many are scared to write about but which needs to be written about.
True confessions of a new mother - these thoughts made me feel much, much better. I thought I was the only one in the world to harbor such thoughts at the beginning. Thank you for sharing...and very nicely done.
Nice work and I like the title.
Congratulations Julie! This puts you in Master's now, right? Awesome writing! I liked how you marked the passage of time and the changing feelings all the way throughout, very nicely done!
I have to thank you for this because it speaks so eloquently to the kind of pain I felt with my newborns, and to the growing of love as time passes. Well done.
WOW! This is an excellent portrayal of the "baby blues"! Your last line was so perfect, too! I congratulate you on your well-deserved EC and your move up to Masters!! :)
Julie, you really nailed this one. It's been a long time, but I remember. Congratulations!
Perfect portrayal of "baby blues." This is great. Congrats!
Your format worked well for me. I can't personlly identify, but you certainly make it easier to feel what some mothers do feel .

I especially liked it when she fianlly showed concern for "her boys", Those two words stick with me after reading this well done entry.

Although I've heard this story from you before, as I read it, it drew me in and took me through a roller coaster of emotions with you.

God has blessed your writing. Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone and into the waters of where HE wants you.