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This is a beautiful tribute to your mother. Some of the things your Mam went through are heart-breaking (the step mother). The way you did say, "I love you", with "Aa the gooin on lass?" is precious. Then your descriptions of Peter and the results of his death so poignant. I had to smile at this, "although your voice wasn't as bad as what you thought." Your whole entry is beautiful and touching.
Although the lengthy sentences and lack of punctuation made it a Very difficult was an extremely touching letter Indeed!
A very touching letter to 'Mam". I think I would have put paragraph four down a bit, so that you don't break the train of thought about the wicked stepmother. Other than that a little polishing here and there and it's very good work.
I really enjoyed your letter to your Mam. It was filled with personality, and yet it was very personal. I also like the small details that made the relationship strong. And I'm really glad Pete's death wasn't in vain. God bless.