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Ok, one word: TISSUE!!!! My goodness, what an experience this must have been if it is true. Very well-written and heart-warming.
Wonderful, heartwarming story and I love your title! There is much emotion in here. You did a wonderful job conveying it!
Wow. So sad, the pain and the decision to make. Tough! I like the tie in with your title at the end though. That was cute. My favorite part was with trying to peek over a shoulder and being told firmly, but gently. "I love Zach too." That just captured the entire story for me right there. Good job. ^_^
Oh.My.Goodness. You should have put a warning sign up:
"This is a 2 Kleenex-Box Zone. Come prepared."
What a tender, loving story. I kept hoping as I read that it was his mommy he wanted, it was her arms he wanted holding him tight. I love the dialog with God and I also loved the application of the powerful blood of Jesus to cover this little fellow's life. This is very well written and it makes us see why God chose Mothers to be the nurturers. Great job!!
I loved this. All mothers can relate to your MC, and the whole piece kept me with you and Zach. What a sweet, tender, though scary story, but loved the whole lesson, the surrender, and the joy of blessing at the end. Great job.
Beautifully written.
I can so relate to this article. Seeing my own two children suffer, including my daughter having two (less serious) hospital operations, hurt me infinitely more than my own woes. I also came to trust God through my kids sufferings, that He really is in control.
You told so much in just 750 words. Well done. Your progression is smooth, so it was very easy to read, keep up the good words.
Well, fanning my eyes to stop the tears just didn't work this time! I hung on every word. Thank you for sharing this remarkable story.
Very emotional. I liked it alot.
This was so beautiful..I loved the line "The words were vacant noises in comparison to the crying out of my very soul." Awesome job.
My son's name is Zach also and we went through a serious infection that required a hospital stay. Your emotions, fears and the peace God gave you really hit home! Thank you for sharing.
Oh, my--the clincher is the conversation between you and God--perfectly rendered.
There truly should have been a tissue warning on this!! (I'm sitting at the library blubbering! LoL) This is wonderful, and written just right!! :)
How heartbreaking! I'm glad to see it had a happy ending, though. Wonderfully written and very poignant.
Oh, Shirley - I was THERE with you! Very engaging and descriptive. What an experience. I love your "talk" with the Lord especially, and, of course, the ending.
Wow. I don't get teary-eyed real often, but the dialogue with God did it to me.

I think you need to move on up to Masters, because this was masterful writing. You really blessed me with this one. Thank you for sharing.
Hiya, Shirley--I'm going to feature this story in the Front Page Showcase for the week of May 26. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page, and congratulations!
Yay Shirley! So glad to see this story being showcased. Congratulations.
How graphically and poignantly you portrayed this gut-wrenching story. Any mother can identify with the depth of your feeling when writing this and the anguished decision to turn it all over to God. The touch of sweet humor added just the lightness to make it bearable. Well-done Shirley.
Shirley -- Congrats on being the FW 500 Frontpage Showcase author with this wonderful piece!
Very emotional and beautifully told. Congratulations. Watching our kids go through trauma is no joke. Loved your dialogue with God.
I've been in that place too and you've described it perfectly! Pass the kleenexes :)
Oh Shirley, this is just beautiful. Definitely a twin pack of Kleenex. Yes, I know all about rushing a baby to hospital. You have done a marvelous job with this one. I loved the conversation between you and God. So real and tender. Congratulations on being Showcased with this one. Well done!!
Your faith...and your writing are beautiful. I was glad to see this showcased.
Outstanding, read like a short story.
Good use of description, kept me reading until the end, looking for the end result. Constantly keeps a reader wondering, in a short period of time as to what the outcome to the character would be.
Very well done, keep it up, great way to take a part of our Christian walk and put it into another's heart, good lesson learned.
06/01/08 motherly instincts rode in the ambulance and nervously sat in the waiting room with you. Great writing full of all the emotions and insights of a mom in God's hands.