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The MC here reminds me of a tulip planted in the ground... she says I hate my life. all the time she's waiting for her purpose...getting stepped on, so-to-speak. Then, Spring comes, and the newness of life in God. I trust You with my life, God. Awesome! Then, the finale and the beautiful tulip blossoms -- I love my life. Masterfully written from the heart.
I love this--beginning to end. It's masterfully written and demonstrates so clearly how God can make a silver lining ahead of a dark cloud when our lives are given to Him.
This whirlwind through the MC's life clearly illustrates how God can bring good out of hardship, and how that lesson of faith and hope trickles down to others.
"Wow! That sounds just like you, Mommy. ".. what a tribute to who she had become! Beautifully written.
This was SO GOOD! The contrast between the beginning where she hates her life to the ending where she says I love my life. That was amazing. You took us on quite a trip through the ups and downs a lot more. I love the term 'faith-colored glasses' that is certainly something I would love a pair for me. Nice writing! ^_^
I liked the progression in this piece. Excellent writing.
I loved this heart touching story. Very nice, well written, and sweet.
The contrast between the 'I hate my life' comment at the beginning with the 'I love my life' really sets the tone of the piece, as we see the MC slowly coming to terms with a life of hardship, later viewed through the eyes of Christ.
Your little dumplin' was such a great contrast to Becky's previous life. I could picture her so clearly.
This brought me to tears. It is the ultimate example of a "Silver Lining!" I was drawn in from the first line. I felt for the MC as she stated over and over "I Hate My Life." I felt her triumph as she said "I Love My Life." To God be the Glory. Laura, this piece sparkles! It is masterfully written and a fav! God bless you for letting God have it all and using you in ALL things.
I loved this. Excellent job!
This was really good. A wonderful reminder that God always has a plan for us, no matter how dark our days may seem.
Very well written. Great job.
One of my favorites this week...this was perfectly written.
Oh my. This is absolutely fabulous. (thankfully I had a tissue handy! LoL) I loved the internal dialogue, it added so much. This was beautiful--just like you. HUGS!!
Your light shines bright. Keep writing, I want more of your stories. Down to earth, but thought provoking.
Laura, you are such a gift. I could so relate to Becky with all her challenges and hating life. Then one day putting on those glasses and really seeing life the way its meant to be seen. Incredible how you bring everything into focus. I love my life too ;)
WOW! An honest, sincere, heartfelt WOW!!!!
Some beautiful things are for reasons only known to God, overlooked for a season. This story, for one, will rise again and bless again in some form or another.
Very impressed. God bless.
I haven't been able to do a lot of reading lately, but I'm certainly glad I came across this one. You really blessed me with it. William is right - this blesses now and will continue to do so in days to come.
Interesting format to the story.
Overall I liked it a lot, I think I might have done differently the ending, I felt it brought it back to the negative that was felt back in the front end of the story, whereas I would have liked to have kept it positive in the ending, but then again, that is only one writer's opinion.
Overall, A+++ and really does an excellent job of delivering a clear message of Christ in our lives.